Azure Classroomnotes 01/Jun/2022

Azure Disks Storage Contd

  • Adding disks to your existing vms
  • When we add data disks they will be attached as disk storage to your vm, formatting and creating a volume/mount is our responsibility.
  • To Change the size of exisitings vm’s should be in stopped (deallocated) state
  • Mounting disks for linux vms
  • Refer Here for attaching disks to linux vm
  • Create a general purpose and premium page blob storage account
  • Create a linux vm and try to use un managed disks
    • Azure hint for not using unmanaged disks
  • The IOPS is set to storage account and is shared among all the page blobs of storage account.
  • Managed Disk types: Refer Here
  • Create a price estimate for a managed disk with 1 TB
    • Ultra disk
    • Premium SSD
    • Standard SSD
    • Standard HDD
  • For disks we should be using only Managed disks
  • Backup of a disk is called as snapshot
  • Navigate to disk and select create snapshot (Manual Backups)
  • For Backups Azure has Azure Backup Service

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