Azure Classroomnotes 30/May/2022

Azure Os Disks, Data Disks and Temp Disks

  • Basic overview
  • The Temp Disk size and Number of data disks depends on VM size chosen
  • Os Disk Types:
  • Experiment 1: Create some data in data disk and temp disk. Stop the vm, wait for the stopped state and start the vm
  • We undestand that the data in temp disk is removed after stopping and starting the vm, but the data in os disk/data disk will be preserved.
  • So for running vm we will have two costs
    • Cost of the VM
    • Cost of the disk storage (os disk + data disk)
  • Cost of the VM will not be applied if the vm is not running (Stopped/deallocated state), disk storage costs continue.
  • To Create OS Disks or Data Disks in Azure we have two Options
    • Managed Disks
    • Un Managed Disks => Disk from the Storage Account.
  • Disk Types (by hardware type) Supported by Azure
    • HDD (Hard disk drive)
    • SSD (Solid State Drive)
  • The important factors of disks are
    • Size
    • Speed:
      • This is measure in IOPS (Input/Output Operations per second)

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