DevOps Essentials Series – 25/Mar/2020

Message Queue

  • In many cases we want messaging across systems to be reliable (delivery guranteed), but the major communication protocols like http/tcp are unreliable Preview
  • To support reliable messaging and guaranteed delivery, middleware called as Message Queue is used
  • Refer Here for wiki definitions of Message Queues
  • Popular Message Queues Refer Here
    • Active MQ
    • Rabbit MQ
    • Apache Kafka

Cache Server

  • All the data about the systems are stored in Databases.
  • Generally databases store the information on Disk in their own formats.
  • Whenever application sends request to pull the information, Disk I/O has to happen and disks are generally slow in nature. Preview
  • RAM is faster than Disk, so if we can store the data which is changed infrequently on RAM then queries must be faster.
  • So we introduce a Server which loads all the infrequently changed/static data into the RAM and when any application queries this data it can give quick response and thats the whole idea of Cache Servers Preview
  • Poplular Cache Servers Refer Here
    • Redis
    • Elastic Cache

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