Cloud Essentials Series – 25/Mar/2020


  • Every server will have limited Hardware resources, these resource can cater only certain limit
  • Example Scenario:
    • Our each Server component like availability checker can respond to 5000 parallel users/requests. But right now we have 10000 users
  • Solution for the above scenario is Scaling. Scaling is of two types
    • Vertical:
      • Increase hardware resources of the current server
    • Horizontal:
      • Increase number of servers doing the same job Preview
  • One unsolved puzzle over here is what will we do if the traffic comes down to 3000 users. We need a way to scale out/scale up (increase) and scale in/scale down (decrease) the number of servers based on demand
  • In all the cloud, the scale in and scale out is supported and also referred as elasticity.

Terms So far

  • Availability:
    • A measure of system uptime.
    • If your system is up for almost all the time it is considered to be Highly Available.
  • Fault Tolerance:
    • Capability of system to recover from failures/faults
  • Elasticity:
    • Capability of System to Scale up or down depending on need of the user is considered as elasticity


  • Allows to create multiple simulated environments or dedicated resources from single physical hardware system.

Understanding virtualization


  • To run applications we follow the above workflow

  • When the applications dont use your hardware resources to the maximum potential, ROI (Return on Investment) is very low Preview

  • Rather than using one operating system on the physical server, we can create multiple vms on the same physical server. This kind of virtualization is called as Server Virtualization Preview

  • Every VM gets

    • Virtual disk
    • is connected to virtual network using virtual socket
    • a CPU and memory (virtual)
    • Has some Opertaing system
  • Server virtualization is supported by Softwares like VMWare ESxi

  • All the clouds use Server Virtualization for creating virtual machines

    • Amazon calls it as EC2
    • Azure calls it as Azure VM Preview

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