AWS Classroom notes-30 Oct 2019

AWS Networking Endpoints


  • Endpoint provides private access to VPC resources for AWS Services


Endpoint Types

  • Interface Endpoints
    • An Elastic Network Interface will be created within your VPC cidr range to a list of Services mentioned over here
  • Gateway Endpoints
    • A Gateway is created to connect to AWS Services (S3 and Dynamo DB)
    • To use Gateway Endpoint add the route to point to Gateway. (Much like Route to IGW or Route to NAT Gateway)

How about OnPremise to AWS Services

Direct Connect

  • Using Direct Connect, On-Premises Data Centers can be connected to AWS Regions via PoP.
  • To use Direct Connect, You need to go via AWS Partners supported in the Region. Preview

Multi Network Connectivity in AWS

  • Consider Account A has a VPC-A in Region A
  • In VPC-A applications are running.
  • This Application whenever it needs to send pager notifications, it needs to connect to another VPC (VPC-B) which is in Region B and Managed by Account B


Problems with Connectivity

  • Machines need to have Public IP and Connectivity to connect across VPCs.
  • To solve this we need a way to connect from VPC-A to VPC-B using private IPS

How to do that

  1. IP Ranges should not collide
  2. Since it is connectivity between two networks, VPN(Virtual Private Network) can be used.
  3. For connectivity across AWS VPCs, then Amazon gives the Option of VPC Peering

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