DevOps Classroom Series 29/Oct/2019

System Monitoring using Nagios


  • Checks:
    • Active
    • Passive
  • Servers: Host
  • Commands:
  • Contacts:
  • Alerts:

Different Options of Nagios

  • Nagios Core: Open Source
  • Nagios XI : Commercial Version

Nagios Core

  • Installation:
    1. Install Nagios by downloading the code and compiling
    2. Install Nagios Plugins by downloading the code and compiling
  • References

Configuration files

  • In Nagios the main configuration file is nagios.cfg. This consits of nagios configurations like logs, other config locations, status update intervals.
  • commands.cfg consists of reusable commands used to check the status and notify
  • timeperiods.cfg consists of reusable timeperiods to run the checks
  • contacts.cfg consists of user/group communication details


  • Failure
    • Soft Failure
    • Hard Failure
  • OK
  • Pending

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