AWS Classroom Series – 17/Jul/2020

VPC Peering Connections

  • VPC peering enables you to establist a network connection b/w two vpc’s in AWS irrespective of accounts/regions to communication using private addresses
  • Lets assume we have two ec2 instances in two different vpcs with public ip addresses Preview
  • The public ip communication will be possible bcoz it goes through internet
  • What if you need to enable private network communication b/w two vpc’s much like how different sites in your organization
  • Private ip communication can be allowed b/w any vpcs by using a peering connection Preview
  • But ensure the two vpc private ip addresses do not collide
  • When you create a peering connection request, a peering connection object is created in your vpc and in other vpc after accepting the request Preview
  • Now since we to send the packets from one network to other network, add routes to your route table to send the traffic to peering connection object Preview

Lets create a Peering Connection b/w two vpc’s one in N virginia us-east-1 and other in oregon (us-west-2)

  • Create a vpc in us-east-1 with cidr range of and ensure you have subnets, igw etc
  • Create an ec2 instance in this vpc
  • Create a vpc in us-west-2 with cidr range of and ensure you have subnets, igw etc
  • Create an ec2 instance in this vpc
  • Now ping from ec2 instance in us-east-1 to us-west-2 using private ip
  • Now lets a peering connection with route tables configure to peering objects and retry the same scenario.
  • Lets create a peering request from nvirginia vpc to oregon vpc Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets navigate to vpc of oregon and accept the peering request Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Lets navigate to nvirginia and check the peering request status Preview
  • Now lets modify the routes in nvirgina to send traffic to peering connection if the destination cidr range is Preview Preview
  • We have route from nvirginia to oregon, now lets create route from oregon to nvirgina Preview
  • Now lets ping from ec2 instance to other ec2 using private ip Preview
  • And now i would establish ssh connection from oregon to nvirginia Preview


  • Create a vpc peering from aws cli

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