Azure Classroom Series – 17/Jul/2020

Application Security Groups (ASG)

  • Rather than definining IP address in NSG for vm’s which are logically the same (app vm’s, db vm’s) we can attach these to common application security groups Preview
  • Now in NSG we can write rules with source/destination as ASG Preview Preview

Create an Azure CLI to Create a Azure VNET in region "eastus"

  • This vnet will have 4 subnets
    • Web
    • APP
    • DB
    • Management
  • After installing azure cli Watch Here. Now lets login from azure cli
az login
# authenticate using azure credentials

az group list
  • Now lets create a folder with a file called as ex1.azcli and open this folder in visual studio code. Ensure azure cli tools plugin is installed Preview

  • How to write cli commands

  • First let us write steps

    1. create a resource group ‘fromcli’
    2. create a vnet in east us in resource group ‘fromcli’ with
      • Network name: ntier
      • Address Space:
    3. Create four subnets with names mentioned above.
  • CLI Steps:

    • Google for azure cli and in the Azure docs page navigate to reference section Preview
    • Now navigate to resource groups by scrolling down Preview
    • Write your azure cli commands in visual studio code & when you want to execute select all right click and Run line in terminal Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Now create 4 subnets using the azure cli reference Preview
    • So far the cli written is
    # Create a resource group
    az group create --location 'eastus' --name 'fromcli'
    # Create a vnet
    az network vnet create --name 'ntier' --resource-group 'fromcli' --address-prefixes
    • Now complete this cli create 4 nsg’s for every subnet which you will be creation

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