DevOps Classroomnotes 11/Jan/2023

Ansible lookups

  • Refer Here for official lookup docs.
  • Lookups work with the help of lookup plugins Refer Here
  • To understand lookups better, lets install the Ansible traditional way and look into ansible configuration files
  • execute ansible –version
  • The hosts file in /etc/ansible acts as default inventory
  • Ansible.cfg in /etc/ansible is the configuration file of ansible where settings of ansible are defined.

Ansible Configuration file

  • Refer Here for the official docs.
  • Refer Here for the generated ansible.cfg using ansible-config command
  • Ansible also has inventory plugins. Refer Here
  • Configuring community modules into ansible
  • Ansible two ways of working

    • From infra provisioning:
      • one node at a time
      • playbooks and roles/collections
    • Directly as Configuration Management
      • multi node
      • Configure lookups, plugins etc
      • playbooks and roles/collections, lookups, inventories etc.

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