Azure Classroom Series – 08/May/2021

Virtual Machines in Azure

  • In Azure we can create virtual machines with
    • Windows
    • Linux
  • Lets create a Linux VM in Azure with 1 GB RAM & 1 VCPU
    • For Linux VMs we have two options for authentication
      • username & password
      • username & key
        • Key Generated by user
          • upload public key to Azure & keep private key with us
        • Key Generated by Azure
          • Download private key from Azure and use the private key to login Preview Preview Preview
    • Once you login into Linux Execute the following commands
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install htop -y
    Preview Preview
    • In Azure when we create a VM
      • OS disk will be created
      • Temp disk will also be created and size of temp disk depends on VM instance size selected
  • Lets create a Windows VM in Azure with 4 GB RAM & 2 VCPU

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