AWS Classroom Series – 08/May/2021

Creating a Windows VM in AWS

  • For Windows the communication protocol is RDP which works on port 3389
  • For Windows ec2 instance we need to generate the password from key pair
  • The command to launch the remote desktop on windows is mstsc

Instance LifeCycle

  • The following image shows the instance transitions Preview
  • Table showing instance state and billing
Instance State Description Billing
pending This state represents when instance is trying to enter the running state Not Billed
running The instance is running & ready for use Billed
stopping The instance is preparing to be stopped Not billed if preparing to stop
stopped The instance is shutdown Not Billed
shutting-down The instance is preparing to be terminated Not Billed
terminated The instance has been permanently deleted Not Billed
  • When AWS EC2 instance is stopped the physical server running the VM will release the VM.
  • EC2 instance has all the data in EBS Volumes which will be running
  • EC2 instance’s private IP address will not be changed after restarts, where as public IP address will be changed. If you want the Public IP address to be same you need to create a Static IP (Elastic IP).
  • EC2 Charges for
    • EC2 instance
    • EBS Volume
    • Elastic IP (Optional)


Choosing the EC2 instance size (Instance Type)

  • In AWS to launch an instance we specify instance type, this determines
    • the hardware of your host computer
    • compute, memory, storage capabilities for ec2 instance
  • AWS Organizes EC2 instance types based on popular use cases
    • General purpose
    • Compute Optimized
    • Memory Optimized
    • Storage Optimized
    • Accelerated Computing
  • Factors involved in choosing an instance type Preview

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