Linux Boot Camp Series – 01/Mar/2020

Apache Web Server

  • WebServer will respond to http requests with http responses.
  • Http (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is protocol which sends requests internally over tcp.
  • HTTP Request has
    • URL
    • Method
    • Headers
  • Basic WebServer should be able to host
    • Html + Java Script + CSS
  • Apache by default serves html pages

Apache as Static Web Site Host

  • Create a VM and Install apache
# ubuntu
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2 apache2-doc -y

# rhel
sudo yum install httpd -y

  • Navigate to document root (/var/www/html)
  • Create two html dummy contents
  Welcome to my site home
  <a href="info.html">Click Here for info</a>
  Welcome to my site info
  <a href="home.html">Click Here for home</a>
  • The above stuff is static. To make sites interactive, we need some programming languages like PHP, Python, dotnet etc
  • Apache Webserver is modular, we can extensions to apache to host php, python, dotnet core etc applications
  • Major Stuff to configure applications on apache server
    • Install necessary modules
    • configure apache hosts
  • Apache works with enabled and available
    • configuration
      • create a file /change the file in the conf-available folder
      • once changes are done then a2enconf <name>
    • modules
      • create a file/change the file in the mods-available folder
      • once the changes are done then exeucte a2enmod <name>
    • sites
      • create a file/change the file in the sites-available folder
      • once the changes are done then exeucte a2ensite <name>
    • If configuration is not working then we have a2dis*


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