DevOps Classroom Series – 03/Mar/2020

Elastic Observability

  • Elastic Stack has a new product line Elastic Observability which is Elastic Stack + APM
  • Create free account in
  • Ensure APM is added to configuration
  • Now download spring-pet-clinic from here
  • Navigate to Set up instructions and select java, Instructions will be shown and create a command line which looks mostly like
java -javaagent:/home/ubuntu/elastic-apm-agent-1.13.0.jar \
     -Delastic.apm.service_name=pet-clinic \
     -Delastic.apm.server_url=<apmurl> \
     -Delastic.apm.secret_token=<secret> \
     -Delastic.apm.application_packages=org.spring-petclinic \
     -jar spring-petclinic.jar
  • Now launch APM and you should be able to trace.




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