AWS Classroomnotes 17/Mar/2023

IAM Policies

  • IAM Policy is a JSON Document.

JSON (Java Script Object Notation)

  • We use JSON to represent data.
  • JSON represents data in the form of name value pairs
name           value
qualificiation Btech
course         AWS
  • Name value is represented in the form of "<name>": <value>
"qualificiation": Btech
"course": AWS
  • Value can be of different types categorized into

    • Simple
      • Text/String: we use quotes
        "qualificiation": "BTech"
        "Course": "AWS"
      • Number:
        "duration": 90
      • Boolean: two values are possible true or false
        "isOnline": true
    • Complex:
      • list/array: This is represented in [] .
        "colors": ["Red", "White"]
      • object/dictionary: This is represented in { } .
        "Street": 2,
        "Building": "Nilgiri",
        "Landmark": "Ameerpet Metro",
        "City": "Hyderabad"
  • Lets Write a JSON File representing
    "Name": "RRR",
    "Director": "SS Rajamouli",
    "Cast": [
        "Ram Charan",
        "Alia Bhatt"
    "Budget In Crores": 550,
    "Ratings": {
        "IMDB": 7.9,
        "RottenTomatoes": 95,
        "facebook": 5

  • Write a JSON File representing your favorite holiday destination
    "Place": "Vishakapatnam",
    "Highlights": {
        "Spots": ["RK Beach", "Bheemili", "Araku" ],
        "Food": ["Banana Delight", "Seafood"],
        "Shopping": [] 
  • Write a JSON to represent favorite subject of yours. The structure should be as follows
    Name = Text
    When = Text (one of School, Intermediate, Graduation, PG )
    Topics = list of text
  • Lets write some values
    "Name": "Design and Analysis of Algorithms",
    "When": "Graduation",
    "Topics": [
        "Space Complexity",
        "Time Complexity"
  • Generally we would be following structure provided by AWS for IAM Policies Refer Here

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