AWS Classroom Series – RDS-03/Dec/2019

Relational Database Services

  • RDS Features

    • Read Replication
    • Multi-AZ Deployment
    • Automatic Minor Version Upgrades
    • Database shutdown
    • Snapshots
  • DB Subnet Groups:

    • Whenever RDS is created it needs atleast two subnet-ids
    • DB Subnets help in selecting network and subnets (regions and AZs)
  • Reserved Instances:

    • Give a longterm commitment to Amazon for 1 or 3 years for RDS usage can save costs upto 58%

Read Replication


  • Promotion is giving write permissions to read replica.

Multi-AZ Deployment

  • Database is created in multiple AZs
  • Due to this failover is automatic
  • Costs will be on the higher side.

Automatic Minor Version Upgrades

  • User can enable this feature which upgrades minor releases but you have to suggest the time period when your database is used less (maintenance Window).

Database Shutdown

  • Database can be stopped or rebooted.
  • Database can be shutdown only for 1 day continuously.

Database Snapshots

  • Backup of Database is called as snapshots
  • Snapshots can be created manually or you can schedule them. Preview


  • Create an RDS mysql instance with t2.micro (free tier)
  • Ensure you select last 2 days bakcup.
  • Create a Read Replica in other Region
  • Promote Read Replica.
  • Delete all the RDS instances and Snapshots

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