DevOps Classroom Series 17/Dec/2019

Jenkins Terms

  • Project:
    • Set of Steps to be scheduled multiple times.
    • Internally every project stored as XML file.
    • This file gets stored in Jenkins-Home directory
  • Build :
    • Project when executed is generally considered to be build.
    • Each build for a project will have unique running number.
  • Master:
    • Jenkins Server is Master
  • Node:
    • All the other server which are added to Jenkins Master are nodes.
    • All the information about jenkins is stored in this directory
    • The default path is ~/.jenkins
    • In specific linux installations path can be different.
    • To know about Jenkins Home, Jenkins uses an environment Variable called JENKINS_HOME

Simulating any Jenkins Job Execution

  • Login into the Jenkins master
  • Become Root user
sudo -i
  • Switch to jenkins user
su jenkins
  • Execute commands
sudo apt-get update


  • Create a simple Free Style Jenkins Project to display environmental variables, Username and list the contents of home directory
ls ~

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