Azure Classroomnotes 29/Sep/2023


Story: LT info

  • They have retail applications
  • infrastructure
  • Dependencies:
    • Networking
    • Virtualization
    • OS Administration
    • Application deployments
    • Database Administration
    • Datacenter Adminstration
  • Ideal Migration Result
  • Expectations:
    • Less Administration
    • Cost savings
    • Flexibility to innovate
  • Skills required to perform migration
    • Architect: Designs the migration plan and the end architecture
    • Administrator: Perform the migration
  • Migration types
    • One time
    • Ongoing migration
  • Order of migration: least dependent to most dependent
  • Focus of Migration:
    • Database Migrations
    • Storage Migrtions
    • Server Migrations
      • P2V (Physical to virtual)
      • V2V (Virtual to Virtual)


  • How to monitor our applications on Azure

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