DevOps Classroom Series – 19/Sept/2020

Story of a organization Learning Thoughts

  • LT has a product LT-HRMS Preview

  • LT has the

    • Management Team
    • Sales Team
    • Research & Development
      • Architecture
      • Development
      • Testing
      • IT Infra Team Preview
  • LT HRMS product is developed, It can be customized. LT HRMS has got a deal from two different customers with some different customizations. There are some other customers in pipeline Preview

  • Now we have three project created

    1. Customer Apple
    2. Customer Amazon
    3. Core Features
  • How should we handle code repository for these situations. To handle parallel tracks in projects we generally create branch Preview

  • Branches in version controls allows to merge changes from one branch to other.

  • How do i create a branch in git

    • Git already has default branch master
    • Git Branch is a pointer which looks at latest commit.
  • HEAD is a pointer which points to commit id in git. making HEAD to move to different location is considered as checkout

  • Lets create branches for apple, core and amazon Preview

  • Moving around branches Preview Preview

  • If you want create a branch and move the HEAD to that branch (Our sales struck a new deal of tesla, so we need to create)

git checkout master
git checkout -b testla => create a new branch & checkout to that branch


How Git Works?

  • Git is a content tracker

  • Create a new directory and execute git init, a .git folder will be created. Preview

  • Lets add two simple files (, .gitignore) Preview

  • Now execute git log Preview

  • Lets understand hashing: Hash algorithms are functions that generate a fixed length result (the hash) from a given input. Preview Preview

  • Git uses SHA-1 Hashing to generate commit ids

  • Git commit id is SHA-1 hash of

    • Snapshot of changes in staging area
    • Author name
    • Author email
    • Date time
    • Commit message
  • How git maintains versions

    • We have create changes in git which appear as Preview
    • Lets use plumbing commands
    git cat-file -t # This command will tell the type 
    git cat-file -p # This will print the contents of SHA1 hash
    • When we print commit id we get
      • tree => snapshot of changes done in staging area
      • parent => parent commit id
      • author =>
      • committer =>
      • commit message Preview
    • Now lets explore the snapshot Preview
    • blob stands for file and the hash is hash of contents in the file and tree is folder. Preview
    • Now for the current commit the previous commit will be parent and git travels to the initial commit (commit with no parent) Preview
    • Now lets create a new commit by copying the same file in 3 different folders Preview Preview Preview
    • Now lets look into .git folder, The hashes are encoded in to .git/objects
    • Our current working tree depends on pointer HEAD Preview
    • Summarize:
      • HEAD points to Branch which in turns points to latest commit id
    • Git always recommends that HEAD should be pointing to branch not commit, when we force git to do this then it gets into detached head Preview Preview Preview
    • Internally Branch is nothing but a moving pointer which points to latest commit
  • Apple and Amazon have asked for features, There are some common features which

    • core team will work
    • Rest of features will be worked by customer teams
  • How can i make change in one branch and ensure that change is available to other branches

  • Next Steps:

    • Merge
    • Cherry pick
    • Rebase
    • Remotes
    • Tags
    • Un staging the changes
    • modifying commits
    • git sub modules & hooks ( After we finish jenkins concepts)
    • git branching strategy ( After we finish jenkins concepts)

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