AWS Classroomnotes 15/Feb/2022

AWS Developer

  • If you are from administration background, brush up your foundational skills
  • Cloud Essentials : Refer Here
  • Linux Foundations: Refer Here
  • Creating an EC2 instance (virtual machine) Refer Here
  • AWS Account Creation Refer Here
  • After you create the account and its succesfully activated Refer Here
  • AWS Resources can be accessed using
  • Console => Browser based application hosted
  • CLI => Install AWS CLI on your system and interact with AWS from command line
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs):
    • AWS SDKs are available in many popular programming languages such as Java, .net, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, C++.
  • Simple Drobbox Scenario

Simple Scenario

  • Server 1: Your organization has a Server with Windows 2016 and it has the following softwares installed in it
  • IIS Server
  • Git
  • .net 4.7
  • In this server your .net application is running.
  • Server 2: This is a Server with RedHat Linux 7 and it has the following softwares installed
  • nginx
  • python
  • installed your python django application
  • Server 3: This is Server with Ubuntu 20.04 and it has the following softwares
  • mysql 8.0 installed
  • This has databases for the applications running on server 1 and server 2
  • If i have to run the applications in Server 1, Server 2 and Server 3 in Cloud. What is that you expect
  • The basic expectation from cloud is => Infrastructure as a Service
  • To create a virtual machine with some operating system
  • We install the framework, server softwares
  • We deploy application
  • We manage operating system updates, framework updates and server software updates
  • Cloud allows us to login into virtual machine with some credentials
  • We manage application generated data
  • The other reasonable expectation from cloud is => Platform as a Service
  • Cloud manages
    • Creating VM with OS
    • Manages OS updates
    • Install/Configure Server Software and Frameworks
  • We Manage
    • Only our application deployment and data generated by application.

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