Azure Classroomnotes 16/Feb/2022

Core Services Offered by Azure contd

  • Azure Kubernetes Service:
  • Databases:
    • SQL:
      • SQL Server
      • mySQL
      • Postgres
    • NoSQL
    • Cosmos DB
    • Cache
    • Azure Redis Cache
    • DataWareHouse:
    • Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Management Tools

  • There are different interfaces for Azure.
  • Browser Based => Refer Here
  • Terminal Based => Azure CLI / Azure Powershell
  • SDK => Azure SDK

Deploying a python application in Azure virtual machine

  • Create the virtual machine.
  • Now connect to Virtual Machine ssh qtdevops@
  • Install python and its libraries
  • Download your application code
  • run the application
  • Deployment is not so smooth. To be continued.

System Setup

  • Refer Here for the softwares to be installed on your system
  • For Windows Terminal Configuration (Windows 10 and above) Refer Here

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