AWS Classroomnotes 30/Mar/2022

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

  • Goal: To Establish private communication between on-premises network and AWS VPC
  • This case is referred as Site-Site VPN.
  • Another type of VPN is Point-to-site or Client-to-Site VPN where an individual remote user connects to the VPC from his client device
  • VPN can be set up using different protocols and technologies. The most-widely used VPN technology is set of protocols call as IPsec (Internet Protocol Security), referred as IPsec VPN.
  • The architecture interms of aws vpc and on-prem using site-site vpn
  • After succesful connection is established then we should be able to communicate using private ip addresses
  • To simulate the on-premise network, we will be creating a network in azure.
  • Create a VPC in mumbai region with 2 subnets and vpc cidr =>
  • Lets create the internet gateway and attach it to the vpc and modify route table
  • Lets simulate the on-premises network in Azure.
  • For creating network in Azure refer class room video.
  • In Azure to create a gateway, Gateway Subnet has to be Created

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