Azure Classroomnotes 17/Mar/2023

RBAC (Role Based Access Control)

  • Role: This defines permissions
  • Role Assignment: This is assigning role to the specific user/group
  • Scope: At what level we are assigning Roles

    • Subscription
    • Resource Group
    • Resource
  • List of all roles in azure
  • Each Role is a JSON file with information on what has to be allowed and what has to be denied


  • Refer Here for the JSON and YAML Tutorial
  • It is used to represent data
  • JSON is collection of Name value pairs
"Name": <Value>
  • Value which is represented can be in following types
    • Scalar or Simple Types
      • Number 'age': 10
      • Text: 'name': 'Azure'
      • Boolean: 'available': True
    • Complex:
      • list or array 'colors': ['red', 'blue', 'green']
      • object/dictionary:
        "Building": "Mytrivanam",
        "area": "Ameerpet",
        "pin": 500018
  • Lets write a json for resume
    "Name": "xxxxxxxxxxx",
    "Designation": "Azure Cloud Engineer",
    "Contact": {
        "mobile": ["999999999999", "888888888888" ],
        "email": "info@......",
        "url": ""
    "Skills": ["Azure", "DevOps", "Linux"],
    "Objective": "",
    "Experience": [
            "Org": "TESLA",
            "Designation": "..........",
            "Roles and Responsibilities": []
            "Org": "FORD",
            "Designation": "..........",
            "Roles and Responsibilities": []



  • Write a JSON Representing your favorite Car or Bike or Holiday Destination or Movie
    "Name": "Avengers Infinity War",
    "Production House": "Marvel",
    "Characters": ["IronMan", "Thor", "Black Widow" ],
    "released": 2018,
    "Directors": ["Anthony Russo", "Joe Russo"]
  • Write a Json which represents your favorite subjects with the schema specified below
favorite subject  object
    <name> = text/string name of your favorite subject
    <when> = Text/String  one of primary school, high school, intermediate, graduation
    <marks> = Number
    <topics> = list of Text
  • My favorite subject is Programming with C
    "name": "C Programming Language",
    "when": "graduation",
    "marks": 78,
    "topics": [
        "static libraries",
        "low level programming"

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