Azure ARM Templates Classroom Series – 24/Sep/2019

Topics to be covered in this series

  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM)
  • ARM Templates
  • Migrations
    • Physical Machines to Azure
    • AWS to Azure
    • VMWare ESXi to Azure
    • Hyper-V to Azure
  • Database Migrations
    • SQL Server On Premise to Azure
    • mySql On-Premise to Azure
    • postgreSQL On-Premise to Azure

Topics to be Covered as Part of DevOps Series

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Openshift
  • Azure
    • AppServices
    • AKS

What is this template?

  • Scenario: In your organization you daily give out an environment for testing team Preview
    • Do the environment creation manually
    • Go with Azure CLI / Azure Powershell (how it has to be done)
    • Template with Parameters

What is need to create this template?

  • JSON(Java Script Object Notation).
  • Knowledge of creating architecture manually.
  • Azure Resource Manager
    • Region
    • Resource: Anything you create in azure
    • Service: Stuff offered by Azure
      • Compute
      • Databases
      • Containers
      • Storage
    • Resource Group: collection of resources for some purpose

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