CloudFormation Classroom Series – 24/Sep/2019

Topics For this Series

  • Templating using CloudFormation
  • Server Migrations
    • Migration of Physical Machine to AWS
    • Migration of Azure Machines to AWS
    • Migration of VMWare ESxi VM’s to AWS
    • Migration of HyperV Vm’s to AWS
  • Database Migrations
    • Migration of mySQL onprem to AWS RDS
    • Migration of mySQL onprem to AWS Aurora
    • Other Db Migrations

Topics For Discussion in DevOps Series

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Openshift**
  • ECS
  • ECR
  • EKS
  • ElasticBeanstalk


  • Scenario: Your Organization is creating an environment for testing (Dev/QA/UAT) everyday for the product. Alternatives are
    • Manually using AWS Console
    • script using AWS CLI
    • Template for cloud applications
  • What is required to write templates?
    • Formats: JSON or YAML
    • Regions, AZ’s: Refer Here
    • Service: Capabilities offered by Amazon
      • Compute
        • EC2
        • Lambda
        • Elastic Beanstalk
      • Database
        • RDS
        • Dynamo Db
    • Resource: Everything which you create in AWS is resource. Each resource gets a unique name in Amazon (ARN)
    • You should know how to create manually

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