AWS Classroom Series – 04/Aug/2021

Understanding Free tier Account

  • AWS Free tier Account offers Refer Here
    • some services for free over the period of 12 months
    • Trail versions
    • Some Service free for the life time

Configuring API Credentials and AWS Idenity And Access Management

  • The user with which you have created AWS Free trail (AWS Account) is called as root account
  • For enabling programmatic access it is not recommended to use root account
  • We should be creating another user for programmatic access which are referred as IAM Users.
  • For Programmatic access to AWS, the crdentials of user is composed of two distinct parts
    • Access Key Id
    • Secret Access Key
  • Each user may have up to two Active Access keys at any time.
  • These access keys are long-term credentials and remain valid till you revoke them
  • Create an IAM User: Refer Here for image demonstration
  • Exercise: Create an IAM User with Adminstrator access and preserve access key and secret key.
  • These Access Keys will be used by code or AWS CLI to access AWS Account to create/modify/delete resources

Scenario: Classic Three Tier Applications

  • Consider the following simple three tier application Preview
  • Consider the following image for technical stack Preview
  • To deploy the above mentioned architecture in AWS what are the possible options.
  • Before we get into AWS Options, lets try to understand Cloud Service Models
  • There are three types of cloud service models
    • Infrastructure as a Service
    • Platform as a Service
    • Software as a Service Preview
  • Now in this architecture we have
    • Application running on python django Preview
    • postgres database Preview

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