Networking Classroom Series – 08/Feb/2020

Networking Basics


  • sub-network: network can be divided into multiple smaller networks. This smaller network is called as subnet.
  • CIDR perspective of subnet
    • Network id of subnet (bytes) will be >= network id of network
    • Examples
Network cidr        Subnet cidr      valid    true    true       false

Exercise: Design a network with subnets for the following case

  • For the office we have granted the network with cidr range =>
  • This office requires 4 labs with size approx 250 each
  • Each lab requries 250 ~> 256 => x.x.x.0/24
  • Network =>
Lab1 =>  => 10.10.0.x
Lab2 =>  => 10.10.1.x
Lab3 =>
Lab4 =>
  • Now add one more lab of size 512


  • Inside Router we have Route tables
  • In this route tables we write rules for forwarding packets
  • Route tables can understand/restrict based on network ids
# Allow connection b/w lab1 and lab2

Source              Destination  => route  => route     =>  modem


  • Network Address Tranaslator
  • It is required to give internet connection to private networks.

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