Grooming Classroomnotes 11/Mar/2023

Users in Linux

  • In Linux when we connect via remote session there are no visual interfaces
  • Connect to the linux instance
username: experiment
password: experiment
  • The command pattern is ssh username@ipaddress
  • To create a user adduser <name>
  • In Linux if you want to elevate your previleges add sudo infront of your command sudo adduser <name>
  • the user with which you are executing sudo needs to have part of sudoers group

Shell and Kernel



  • Linux Kernel is the Core Operating System in Linux
  • Some Organizations like Canonical, SUSE, RedHat etc take the linux kernel add some more applications for better experience. These are referred as distributions.
  • Examples of Distribution
    • Redhat
    • Centos
    • Ubuntu
    • Fedora
    • Kali
    • Debian
    • Amazon Linux

Application Installation

  • Application Installation will copy files into the system.
  • To do this we have 3 ways
    • Manually download the files (generally as zip or tar) extract and use
    • Download the installer file/executable and run that
    • Using Package Managers
      • Mac: brew
      • Windows: choco
      • Linux:
        • Ubuntu: apt
        • Redhat: yum

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