DevOps Essential Series – 01/Apr/2020

Basic Concepts

  • Packaging:
    • Packaging is converting the code into the format deployable.
    • Not all languages required code to be compiled
    • Some Languages expect the code to be compile before packaging. Examples are C, C++, Java, C# etc
    • Some Language don’t need the code to be compiled. Examples JavaScript, Python etc
  • Static-Code Analysis:
    • For the code that is written, the Static Code Analysis tools tell the best practices.
    • Examples: Sonar Qube, FxCop (MSAA)
  • Unit-Testing:
    • Unit-Testing helps in adding tests at the unit level.
    • Examples: Junit, Mstest, Jasmine etc..

Workflow for Compilation and Packaging

  1. Compile the Code
  2. Run Unit-Tests
  3. Run Static-Code Analysis
  4. Create a Package
  5. Deploy the Package into Test Environments for Testing
  6. Once Testing Approves it Deploy to UAT/Pre-Production/Staging
  7. Deploy to Production Example

  • As shown in the class.

Important Points to be clear

  • Ensure you have commandline for all the steps from compiling the application to creating a package.
  • Ensure you have identified
    • Tool used for Compiling the code
    • Tool used for Executing Unit Tests
    • Tool Used for Static Code Analysis
    • Tool used for creating Package

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