Cloud Essential Series – 02/Apr/2020

Hybrid Cloud Networking

  • Consider a scenario where you have workloads on-premise and also on cloud and for the application needs there should be communication between workloads on cloud and on-premise Preview
  • Solution 1: Consider having workloads on public internet (i.e. each server will have public ip address and can be accessed over internet)
    • Solves the problem of communication
    • Cons:
      • Your servers are exposed to internet and any one from internet can access your servers. Preview
  • Solution 2: Use Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to be specific site to site VPN
    • Rather than exposing all servers to the public internet, here we would set up a vpn device on-premise and vpn device on-cloud. Both of these devices will be on public internet with strict rules of communication
    • With this your servers will not require public ip address and still communicate to the servers on the other network using private ip address Preview
  • Solution 3: Consider leased line or direct line to cloud

Compute Needs for the Enterprise on the Cloud

  • To make applications run of cloud we would require vm’s with various factors.
  • Size of the VMs:
    • number of vCPUS:
    • RAM size:
    • Storage Size:
  • Operating System: Generally we search or create Server Operating Systems
    • Most Clouds support
      • Linux
      • Windows
      • Free BSD
  • Licensing:
    • BYOL (Bring your own license)
    • Pay as you go
  • Cost: Ensure you choose a Compute which saves cost.


  • Scenario: Your organization is running application on premise on 50 Servers
    • 10 servers are running redhat linux with mysql installed on it
    • 20 servers are running application server tomcat with Ubuntu OS
    • 2 servers are running cache servers with with ubuntu os and redis cache installed
    • 3 servers are used for load balancing
    • we have 15 servers on the other site where we use it for backup and archival
  • Exercise 1: Can you draw the basic diagram representing all these servers
  • Exercise 2: Can you try to speak about a plan to do the same thing on cloud.

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