DevOps Essential Series – 02/Apr/2020

What does DevOps Engineers Day looks like

  1. Ensure your pipeline is running without issues:
    • These pipelines are designed to work with CI/CD Engines like Jenkins, Azure DevOps(VSTS), Bamboo etc….
  2. Interactions with Dev, QA and Program Management Teams some times with IT Team to get necessary resources
  3. Ensure you are working on Pending Items on your Automation Backlog.
  4. Ensure all of the Infrastructure required to maintain CI/CD Pipeline is working well.
  5. Documentation: Ensure your are Documenting all the activities like Server Information, Steps for Backup/Restore or what ever is required to maintain DevOps Pipeline is Done
  6. Legacy Applications: Ensure you are ready to spend time on Legacy stuff with less automation possibilities
  7. Performance Improvements: What can be changed in pipeline so that we can deliver quickly
  8. Continous Self Learning to keep yourselves update

What are other tools/knowledge which you should have

  • Agile
  • ITIL/Ticketing Tools like remedy, Service Now
  • Bug Management Systems like JIRA, Azure DevOps
  • Documentation Tools like Wiki, Google Sites, Markdown, Confluence

DevOps Jobs in Tough times

  • Companies will hire people who are multi skilled
    • Decent Scripting knowledge (Shell, Powershell, Python)
    • Cloud Knowledge (AWS, Azure, Google)
    • Kubernetes will be something to look out
    • Helm and Openshift will help

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