DevOps Classroom Series – 07/Apr/2020

Configuration Management

  • To Understand configuration management lets take an example of a growing application like practo.
  • Initially when they start, less resources (hardware) might be enough Preview
  • As the users increase we might need more servers to handle the load, so doing the configuration/installation on multiple servers becomes manadatory Preview
  • Along with this user increase or traffic increase new features are added to the application and we need to deploy them to servers.
  • To handle these kind of variables we need a disciple(or process) that ensures all the software and hardware assets of the application are tracked and any future changes of the assets are also tracked.

How to do Configuration Management (CM)

  • Procedural:
    • We need to describe CM steps in how it has to done
    • Examples: Shell, Powershell Scripting
    • Scenario: Creating a file and adding some content to it
    touch file.txt
    echo "some content" >> file.txt
  • Declarative:
    • We need to describe CM Steps in what has to be done
    • Examples: Ansible, Chef
    • Scripts are written to maintain state
    • Scenario: Creating a file and adding some content to it
    Ensure a file called as file.txt is present with "some content" 

Configuration Management Architecture

  • There are two kinds of Servers

    • Configuration Management Servers:
      • They are responsible for ensuring the configuration on nodes
      • Change history is maintained over here
    • Nodes:
      • These are the servers where the configurations/deployments/installations have to be done Preview
  • In CM We have two popular architectures

    • PULL:
      • Nodes will communicate with CM Server to understand what has to be executed
      • In this mode nodes will have an agent installed and this agent is responisble for communication with CM Server.
    • PUSH
      • CM Server will communicate with Node to inform what has to be execute
      • CM Server will login into the node and execute configuration, so credentials have to be maintained Preview

Work to be done

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