Azure Classroom Series – 07/Apr/2020

How Azure Works

  • Inside Azure Datacenters, Servers are organized in racks
  • Each Rack has a switch to enable the network connectivity to the physical server
  • There are other servers which are used to run Cloud Consumer (User) Workloads
  • Each Rack has a special Server called a Fabric Controller. This is responsible for running the workload on the physical server in a Rack
  • An Orchestrator is responsible for allocating work to Fabric Controllers.
  • When user operates Azure, the valid requests reach Orchestrator via API and then they get fulfilled Preview
  • Every Physical Server on Azure will have a Hypervisor

Virtualization in Azure

  • Azure has not specified the exact flavor of Hypervisor which they use inside Azure.
  • Microsoft claims to have a Hypervisor which is Hyper-V with some modifications.

Azure Account Creation

Azure Portal

  • URL
  • Free Services From Azure Preview

VMs in Azure

  • Options for Creating a VM in Azure
    • Operating System:
    • Machine Size
    • Username and Password (Credentials)
    • Which ports of your vm will be open
    • Location (Region)
    • Resource Group

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