AWS Classroom Series – 07/Apr/2020


  • User can access AWS using Console or CLI.
  • The request from user travels through internet and reaches routers maintained by Amazon to enter into amazon network.
  • The Silicon helps is networking hardware with in amazon.
  • API will send a request to create a workload which will be sent to compute and storage server as per the request Preview

What are the things to consider While Create a VM

  • AWS has a Service for Creating Virtual Machine which EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud).
  • Each VM is often referred as an ec2 instance.
  • Factors:
    • Which Operating System?
    • What is Size of EC2 instance (CPU, RAM)
    • How much storage do you need
    • Which ports of your instance are open for communication and what are closed
    • Do you want to run any script immedietly after EC2 instance is created
    • What will be the Credentials (For logging in )(Usernames are already fixed in Amazon)
    • Where do you want your ec2 instance (Region + AZ)
  • Costs:
    • Charges for EC2 instances only when they are running
    • Storage Charge is calculated separately which will be on when your ec2 instance is running or stopped

Virtualization Types

  • To Create a Virtual Machine from Physical Servers we use Hypervisors, Amazon also has their propietary Hypervisor which supports Virtualization
  • There are two kinds of Virtualizations
    • Paravirtual (PV)
    • Hardware Virtual Machine (hvm)

Things to do

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