AWS Classroom Series – 25/Apr/2021

AWS EC2 Instance Types

  • When we launch an ec2 instance , the instance type used determines the harware of the host computer & each instance type offers different compute, memory and storage capabilities Preview
  • Every instance type belongs to a instance series. Each instance series has a different hardware specs and instance series are categorized into instance families
Instance Family Description Instance Series List
General purpose General purpose instances provide balance of compute, memory & networking resources A1, M4, M5zn, M5n, M5a, M5, M6g, T2, T3a, T3, MAC
Compute Optimizied Ideal for compute bound applications C4, C5n, C5, C6g, C6gd, C6gn
Memory Optimized Designed to deliver fast perf for workloads that process large datasets in memory R5,R5a, R5b, R5n, R6g,R6gd, X1, X1e, X2gd, z1d
Storage Optimized designed for workloads that require high read & write access to very large data sets on local storage D2, D3, D3en, H1,I3,I3en
Accelarated computing Uses hardware accelarators, co-procesors to perform graphical processing, data pattern matching etc F1, G3, G4ad, G4dn, P1,P2,P3
  • For instance types Refer Here
  • Each instance series will have different instance types to specify the cpu, memory, storage speed and network speed.
  • Creating an ec2 instance and configuring differnt aspects Preview
  • Exercise: Create a redhat linux 8 os with 1 cpu and 1 GB of RAM and 15 GB of disk space. Ensure this machine is open to communicate on port 80,22, 9200, 5601. This machine should be in the zone us-west-2b (Oregon)
    • AMI => redhat 8
    • 1 cpu and 1 Gb of RAM => t2.micro
    • Zone => us-west-2b Preview
    • Steps Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
    • Once the instance is launched, login into the instance and verify disk sizes Preview Preview Preview
    • Now we want our machine to have 1 VCPU and 2 GB of RAM, we need to change the instance type from t2.micro to t2.small
      • Change instance type is disabled Preview
      • Lets shutdown the ec2 instance and change instance type Preview Preview Preview Preview
      • Now start the instance and login into ec2 instance
  • AWS EC2 instance lifecycle: Preview
  • AWS EC2 instances states and the billing:
    • In AWS we get charge for ec2 instance and the disk (EBS Volume)
    • Instance state will have impact on ec2 instance state (Ondemand instances) Preview
  • The ec2 instance which we are using right now are called as on-demand instances, Lets understand the billing of on-demand instances Refer Here
  • The ec2 instance pricing is effected by
    • region
    • instance type

Instance Purchasing Options

  • AWS EC2 provides the following options to enable us to optimize the costs based on our needs

    • On-Demand Instances
    • Savings Plan
    • Reserved Instances
    • Spot Instances
    • Dedicated Hosts
    • Dedicated Instances
    • Capacity Reservations

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