DevOps Classroom Series – 25/Apr/2021

What is GROK

  • grok is a way to match a line against regular expression, map specific parts of line into dedicated fields
  • The basic format of a logstash grok filter
  • Elastic search has defined around 200 patterns Refer Here
  • GROK Extracts fields when we write grok patterns which can be use logstash-grok filter Preview
  • Core grok patterns: Refer Here
  • Exercise 1: Convert 2021.04.25-18:47 INFO khaja logged in successfully
    • datetime:
    • loglevel => INFO
    • username => khaja
    • message => logged in successfully Preview
  • Refer Here for the logs of different environments or softwares
  • Exercise 2: Lets convert the hadoop log into fields Refer Here Preview
  • Exercise 3: Create a grok pattern for mac Refer Here Preview
  • Exercise: Write a grok pattern for ssh logs Refer Here Preview
  • Exercise: Try to create logstash conf files for Apache, HDFS, Hadoop, Linux, OpenSSH, Spark Refer Here
    • in the input use stdin and manually paste the individual lines

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