Azure Classroom Series – 25/Apr/2021

Azure Virtual Machines contd..

  • When we create a vm in azure w.r.t disk the following happens Preview
  • Instance Sizes
    • Azure Instance Size defines the cpu, ram and number of disks and temp disk size that can be attached to the vm
    • Azure Categorized vm instance sizes into types
      • General Purpose:
      • Compute Optimized
      • Memory Optmized
      • Storage Optimized
      • GPU
      • High Performance Compute Preview
    • Each category type has a series such as B, A1, DaV3 etc
    • Refer Here for av2-series Preview
    • Each series has sizes Preview Preview
  • Lets create a linux and a windows vm with sizes B1s for linux and B1s for windows
  • Now login into vms and check the disks attached
sudo df -h

Preview Preview

  • create a folder with some files in the os disk and temp disk
  • Now restart the vms and verify the data
    • data will be present in both os disk and temp disk
  • Now lets stop (deallocate) the vms and wait for the vm to be stopped and start the vm again
    • data in the os disk will be present and temp disk will be lost
  • Lets look at resources
sudo htop


  • VM states Preview
Power state Description Billing
Starting VM is powering up Not Billed
Running Vm is fully up Billed
Stopping This is a transitional state b/w running and stopped Billed
Stopped VM is shutdown and vm is still leasing the underlying hardware Stopped (Allocated) Billed
Deallocating This is a transitional state b/w running and deallocated Not Billed
Deallocated VM has been released the lease on the underlying hardware. Stopped (deallocated) Not Billed
  • Even in the Not Billed scenarios some azure resources such as disks and Networking (Public ip) will continue to be billed.

  • Provisioning states

    • A provisioning state is the status of user initiate operations on the vm
Provisioning State Description Powerstate Billing
Create Virtual Machine Creation Starting Not Billed
Update Update the Virtual machine Running Billed
Delete Delete the VM Deallocating Not Billed
Deallocate VM is fully stopped and removed from underlying h/w Not Billed
  • Exercise: Create a ubuntu vm with size standard b1s and create some files in os disk and temp disk. Now try to resize the size standard b2s and make a list of impacts.

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