GCP Classroom Series – 24/Apr/2021

App Engine Flexible Environments

  • App Engine Flexible environment is an attempt to find some middle ground b/w the flexibity of traditional virtual machines and the convinience of App Engine Standard Environment
  • Benifits
    • More Control over the infrastructure
    • Application portability
    • Language Support

App engine resources and integrations

  • App Engine Service Provides several integrations spanning across Google Cloud Products. A large set of these integrations are provided using client libraries that are available to services running the standard environment, but developers using the flexible environtement can use Google’s provided common libraries

  • Lets add a cron.yaml based on spec Refer Here

  • for the code changes Refer Here Preview

  • If your application needs to integrate with task queues then use queue.yaml Refer Here

  • To enable automatic scaling of your service Refer Here

  • Integrating app engine standard with Cloud sql Refer Here for flexible app engines Refer Here

Google Cloud Functions

  • Cloud functions is a lightweight compute solution to the create single purpose, stand-alone functions that respond to events without the need to manage the server or runtime environment
  • Lets create a sample function Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • After Deployment is complete lets test the function Preview Preview Preview

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