DevOps Classroom Series – 05/Feb/2020

Multi-host Docker networking

  • Consider two docker hosts Server-1 and Server-2.

  • On each host a docker container is launched (c1 and c2) Preview

  • If c1 and c2 are in same host and same network we can use bridge network driver, which enables communication. Bridge can work with in one system , not across systems

  • When we add multiple hosts, then we do it for

    • High availability
    • Fault Tolerance
  • We need an orchestrator, to manage multi host docker containers, we have many options, but popular ones are

    • Docker Swarm
    • Kubernetes
  • Coming back to networking, in docker we have a driver called as overlay, which can enable multi host networking (Swarm)

  • Refer Here for Overlay Networking

  • Refer Here for Docker Swarm

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