Azure Classroom Series – 21/June/2021

Scenario: Typical Applications on Azure

  • Lab Setup:

    • Create a Resource Group
    • Create a Storage Account
    • Create a Linux (Ubuntu) VM in Azure
    • Create a Windows (Server 2016) VM in Azure
    • Create an Azure SQL Database Preview
  • When applications are hosted on Azure, we might have different resources like VMs, Databases, App Servers etc.

  • As an Azure Admin, we need to ensure that the applications hosted are running and in case of any errors we need to perform troubleshooting and take corrective actions.

  • What can be done to ensure that the applications are running correctly? We need to monitor Azure resources and Collect logs for analysis.

  • Navigate to Linux VM Created and in the overview section navigate to monitoring Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Diagnostic logs of the windows and Linux VMs are getting stored in the storage account Preview

  • We need to explore the options of

    • Monitoring
    • Logs
  • Exercise: Explore the monitoring and logs for VMs and Database created by you

Azure Monitoring Platform

  • Microsoft Azure provides a comprehensive monitoring platform and solution to monitor all infrastructure and platform resources.
  • It helps by collecting analysing, monitoring and reporting all logs and telemetry from various resources. Preview
  • Refer Here for the official Azure Monitoring documentation

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