Kubernetes Classroom Series – 12/Jul/2021

Init Containers

  • Overview: Init Containers enable seperation of concerns by providing a separate lifecycle for initialization related tasks distinct from main application containers.
  • Init Containers in k8s are part of Pod definition, and they separate all containers in the Pods into two groups
    • Init Containers
    • Application Containers
  • All init container are executed in sequence & all of them have to terminate sucessfully before the application containers are started up.
  • Refer Here for the changeset containing sample init container code.


  • A Sidecar container extends and enhances the functionality of a pre existing container without changing it. Preview
  • Now we can use side car
    • to export logs
    • synchronize directories
  • Refer Here for the pod manifest


  • Adapter pattern takes a heterogenours containerized system and makes it confirm to conistent unified interface with standard and normailized format to be consumed by outside world.
  • Adapter pattern inherits all the characteristics from Sidecar, but has the single purpose of providing adapted access to the application
  • We have an application which is composed of multiple microservices written in different languages
  • So we need to monitor the application i.e we want applications to expose the metrics in the same format to the monitoring tool. Preview

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