Azure Classroom Series – 15/Apr/2020

CLI – Extended


  1. Windows VM:
    • Follow this link to create a Windows VM (Size => B1s)
# Create a Resource Group

az group create --location 'centralus' --name 'learningforcli'

# Create a Windows VM
az vm create --resource-group 'learningforcli' --name 'qtdevwind' --image 'win2016datacenter' --admin-username 'qtdevops' --admin-password 'motherindia@123' --size 'Standard_B1s'

  1. Create a Linux VM
# Create a Linux VM with Size B1s

az vm create --resource-group 'learningforcli' --name 'qtdevnix' --image 'UbuntuLTS' --size 'Standard_B1s' --admin-username 'qtdevops' --authentication-type 'password' --admin-password 'motherindia@123'
  1. Get the list of VMs and deallocate them
#  Get the list of the VMS 
az vm list --resource-group 'learningforcli'

# Copy the id of the vm
# deallocate linux vm
az vm deallocate --resource-group 'learningforcli' --ids '/subscriptions/58376b06-f20d-4a7a-a75d-cbd03b2135a6/resourceGroups/learningforcli/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/qtdevnix'

# deallocate windows vm
az vm deallocate --resource-group 'learningforcli' --name 'qtdevwind'

JSON Tutorial

  • Would have received an email from QT with JSON Tutorial.
  • Once you are done with JSON Refer Here for Jmes path tutorial.

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