Azure Classroom Series – 02/Jan/2021

Azure Managed Disks

  • They are raw block-level storage volumes manageed by Azure and used with Azure VMs

  • With Managed disks, we specify

    • disk size
    • disk type
  • Disk types

    • premimum SSD
    • Standard SSD
    • Standard HDD
    • Ultra disks
  • Managed disks offer predicatable performance with standard HDD (upto 2000 IOPS ), with Standard SSD (upto 6000 IOPS), premimum ssd (upto 20000 IOPS) and ultra ssd (160000 IOPS) where as in storage account only premium storage disks have predicatable performance

  • Each storage account can have a max of 20000 IOPS and each storage account can have a max of 40 disks. Standard storage can get 500 IOPS

  • Lets create one linux vm and one windows vm with managed disks (default option) Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Now lets add a data disk of size 5 GB to Azure Linux VM Preview Preview

  • So lets try to look at azure managed disk sizes

  • Now lets login into linux vm Preview

  • Now lets create a folder and mount it to some directory (/projects)

  • Refer Here for complete steps

  • Lets attempt resizing the disk, which azure doesn’t allow. Stop the virtual machine from portal (dealloacte) then try resizing it will work.

  • After resizing the disk, extending the disk size in the operating system has to be done by us

  • Lets try the same steps on Windows VM

    • while creating vm add one additional data disk of size 4 GB and OS disk of size 64 GB (free tier eligible) Preview
    • Lets login into windows server Preview
    • Our data disk is not shown yet. launch server manager Preview Preview Preview
    • Create a new volume (F:) using the New Volume Section which creates a file system Preview
    • Now lets stop the vm and increase the size of data disk Preview Preview Preview
    • Now lets start the vm and login into the vm Preview Preview Preview
  • Next Steps:

    • Snapshots
    • Host caching
    • File Shares

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