DevOps Classroom Series – 03/Oct/2020

Pipelines (Contd..)

  • Conditional Execution:
    • Scripted Pipeline: Refer Here
    • Declarative Pipeline:
      • In the case of declarative pipeline for conditional execution when is used Refer Here
      • For the changeset refer here Preview
  • Post:
  • Jenkins Stash and unstash:
    • In Jenkins DSL, the stash and unstash functions allow for saving and retieving the files b/w nodes or stages in a pipeline
    • Offical documentation of Stash and unstash
    • Try writing a declarative pipeline to build the gameoflife package in node1 and deploying the war file in node 2 (ansible,docker,k8s)
      • hint:
        • stash name: ‘golwar’, includes: ‘gameoflife-web/target/*.war’
        • unstash name: ‘golwar’ Preview
  • Declarative Pipeline Syntax:
  • Jenkins Project Types
    • FreeStyle
    • Pipeline
    • Maven
    • Multi-Configuration Project
    • Folder
    • GitHub Organization
    • Multibranch Pipeline
  • Jenkins Blue Ocean: Explore Jenkins by installing plugins as mentioned over here

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