Azure Classroom Series – 05/Dec/2020

Azure VMSS contd..

  • Workflow of Azure VMSS Preview
  • Create a VMSS with loadbalancer
    • Change the load balancer rules
    • Change the health probe (Wait for a minute for health probes)
    • Access your application over public ip of loadbalancer
    • Open 8080 port and 22 port for communication in network sg
    • Access application using loadbalancer ip Preview
    • Now use the inbound NAT rules on load balancer and login into the vmss vm instance using NAT ip address
    ssh -p <NAT-port> username@load-balancer-ip
    ssh -p 50002 qtdevops@
    • This should allow you login now increase the load on cpu by executing stress tool command
    stress --cpu 8 -v --timeout 100m
    • Wait for atleast 5-10 mins, as we are increasing load number of vms running your application will increase.
  • Upgrading a virtual machine scaleset:
    • While vmss is running , there might be many case where we need to deploy an update to operating. Azure has on option of Upgrade Policy which can be set to Automatic, Manual, Rolling updates

Automation of VM Creation & Configuration

  • We have looked at how to create vm’s and vmss from portal, Now lets look at this architecture
  • Lets try to create a deployment as shown below Preview
  • Lets create this deployment from Azure CLI and Azure Powershell
  • As a part of this deployment we will also learn
    • extensions
    • cloud-init
    • Diagnostics

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