Azure Classroom Series – 22/Oct/2020

Azure Event Grid

  • Azure Event grid allows us to easily build apps with event-based architecture
  • In Event Grid we have two major components
    • Event Source
    • Event Handler
    • Event Grid Preview
  • Concepts:
    • Events: What has happened
    • Event Source: Where it has happened
    • Topics: The endpoint where publishers send events
    • Event Subscriptions: The endpoint where the events will be processed or handled
    • Event Handler: The app or service processing the event
  • Event Options in Azure Portal Preview
  • Sample Event Grid Creation Refer Here

Azure Service Bus

  • This is a fully managed enterprise integration messag broker.
  • This can decouple applications & services.
  • This offers reliable & secure platform for asynchronous transfer of data
  • Refer Here

Azure Notification Hub

  • Azure Notification Hub provides an easy to use and scaled out push engine to send notifications to any platform (ios, Andriod, Window)
  • Refer Here for quick start

Azure Event Hub

  • This is used as big data streaming service from microsoft.


  1. Understand what is private key & public key
  2. Understand what is difference between Symmetric & Assymetric encryption
  3. Use ssh-keygen to generate rsa based keys

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