AWS Classroom Series – 22/Oct/2020

AWS Cognito

  • This service provides authentication, authorization & user management for web and mobile apps
  • Cognito has two major components
    • User Pool:
      • They provide sign-up/Register and sign options for the users
    • Identity Pool:
      • Enables you to grant user access Preview
  • Refer Here for the authentication flow
  • For integration of your web application/mobile application with Cognito User Pools Refer Here

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall)

  • This service lets you montior HTTP(S) requests that are forwareded to
    • Cloudfront
    • API Gateway
    • Loadbalancer
  • WAF lets you controll the access.
  • Components
    • Web ACL: We can use Web ACL to protect AWS resoruces
    • Rules
    • Rules Groups

AWS Shield

  • This service has two levels of Protection against DDOS(Distributed Denial of Service)
    • AWS Shield Standard
      • Enabled automatically to all AWS Customers
    • AWS Shield Advanced
      • This lets you protect any of the following resources
        • Cloudfront
        • Route 53 hosted zones
        • ALB
        • ELB
        • EC2 Elastic IP Address
      • With AWS Sheild Advanced, Complex DDos Events can be escalated to AWS DDos Response Team (DRT).

Prereqs (Next Tuesday 27/Oct)


  1. Understand what is private key & public key
  2. Understand what is difference between Symmetric & Assymetric encryption
  3. Use ssh-keygen to generate rsa based keys

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