DevOps Classroom Series – 22/Oct/2020

Terraform modules

  • Terraform has lot of modules developed by community, rather than creating templates by writing from scratch we can create a architecture by using community modules
  • Now lets use terraforms vpc module from module registry Refer Here
  • Refer to third party modules and search for them over here

Problem Statement:

  • In Terraform since multiple users can simultaneously request for infrastructure creation, we implement Remote Backend Preview
  • Now from the above image if the infrastructure has to be created for multiple environments like
    • Dev
    • QA
    • Staging
  • How will we manage that?
    • Make the infra creation as a module and create a terraform template per enviroment with different backend.
    • Terraform has a concept of workspaces. Using workspace we can create multiple environments from the same terraform template.
  • Terraform by default creates a workspace called as default. we can create multiple environments using terraform workspace
  • Execute the commands as shown below Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Refer Here for the changes done

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