DevOps Classroom Series Chef – 25/Nov/2019

Lamp on Centos 7

  • Manual Steps for Centos 7
sudo yum install httpd -y
sudo systemctl enable httpd.service
sudo systemctl start httpd.service
sudo yum install php php-mysql
sudo systemctl restart httpd.service
sudo vi /var/www/html/info.php
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
  • Reference from here
  • Create a new recipe called as httpdphp for redhat flavor
chef generate recipe . httpdphp
  • Recipe will be as shown below
# Cookbook:: .
# Recipe:: httpdphp
# Copyright:: 2019, The Authors, All Rights Reserved.

package 'httpd' do
    action :install
    notifies :enable, 'service[httpd]'

package_names = ["php", "php-mysql"]

package_names.each do |package_name|
    package package_name do
        action :install

cookbook_file '/var/www/html/info.php' do
    source 'info.php'
    action :create
    notifies :restart, 'service[httpd]'

service 'httpd' do
    action :nothing

  • If you compare recipes of redhat and ubuntu, they are almost similar so trying to write one recipe for both.

  • This requires to understand couple of concepts in chef

    • Node Object
    • Attributes
  • Node Object:

    • Information collected about node during convergence.
    • This information is collected by Ohai
    • Information Collected by ohai will be stored as Node Object.
    • Accessing Node objects can be done in recipes by using following syntax node[key][childkey1]
  • Next Steps:

    • Use Node Objects and User Defined Attributes to write one recipe for lamp stack which runs on ubuntu and centos.

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