AWS Classroom Series – 24/Feb/2021

AWS Lambda Serverless

  • AWS Charges for Lambda only for the time that our code is executing, down to a 100 ms precision.
  • Lets understand ec2 instance billing
    • this instane is charged for every hour (minimum unit)
    • The cost of the ec2 changes
      • per region
      • image used to create ec2 instance
    • There is an addition cost for disk storage (EBS) Preview
    • Lets create an estimate of ec2 instance for one month Preview Preview
    • Now what if the application i.e. running on this server is used only for 30 hours
  • Now lets create a billing estimate for the aws lambda for 30 hours in a month Preview
  • Free tier of AWS Lambda Preview

Create a hello-world lambda function

  • Navigate to aws console and select AWS Lambda Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

Understanding software architectures

  • The evolution of compute has opened new possibilities regarding how we structure and architect our applications
  • Major Software Architectures used in the enterprise are as follows
    • Monolith
    • N-Tier
    • Microservices
    • Nano Services
  • Monolith:
    • In earlier days we used to create software that was single-tiered. The frontend and backend code was combinted and often database was also running on the same machine.
    • When the demand has high, it was necessary to scale the entire application and not just the parts that were being used the most.
  • N-tier – achieve individual scale
    • With the introduction of vm’s also came SDN, this gave us flexibility in how we can build, configure and scale our applications in a network
    • This has given an option to run different tiers on different workloads. Preview

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