AWS Classroom Series – 05/May/2020

AWS DynamoDB

  • Amazon Dynamo DB is fully managed NoSQL Database from Amazon
  • Dynamo Db is used from the code directly from here
  • Components of Dynamo DB
    • Tables: Data is stored in tables. Eg: Movie
    • Items: Table is collection of Items. Item is group of attributes Eg: {‘id’: ‘1’,’Name’: ‘Avengers’}
    • Attribute: fundamental data element Eg: id and Name in above example are attributes
    • Primary Key: Two kinds of primary Keys
      • Partition Key: Equivalent to Primary Key
      • Paritition Key & Sort Key: Equivalent to Composite Primary Key
  • DynamoDB Local Version:
    • Amazon is offering the Downloadbale version of Dynamo Db Refer Here
  • Creating and Managing Dynamo Db: Preview Preview
  • For managing uisng CLI Refer Here

Amazon DocumentDB

  • Just like aurora in mysql/postgres where amazon has rewritten database engines for performance, in the nosql space, amazon has rewritten mongodb engine for better performance that is Document DB

Elastic Cache

  • Amazon offers Cache as a Service with two offerings. For feature comparision refer here
    • Elastic Cache for Redis
    • Elastic Cache for Memcached
  • Amazon is offering Redis Cache as a Service and Memcached as a Service Preview

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